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We All Love a Bit of Australiana

There are a number of common themes in my art, but the most prevalent inspiration is my love for all things Australia.  From its birds and animals, classic cars, flowers and landmarks my passion for this beautiful country can't help but reveal itself though my paintings.  I believe that being away from Australia for so many years has re-awoken my eyes to its kaleidoscope of colours, its unique and beautiful fauna and flora and iconic urban scenes. 

My art is a reflection of what I see, feel, sense and remember.

Co-Founder of Art Lovers Australia, Nancy Donaldson says "I love Laural’s surreal compositions... and they have so many iconic Australian objects."

* * * * * * * * * *

But wait.......there's more! 

Head along to my Shop to see more Paintings and Art Prints for Sale and see if you can spot the Australian influences.


This week Australia turned on to Channel 9 to watch the 15th Season of The Block kick off at The Oslo in St. Kilda.   We all love to see how The Block Heads design and decorate their rooms and for us artists at The Block Shop its an opportunity that maybe our art will be seen nationwide.

'Prettier in Pink' is a Melbourne-centric acrylic on canvas painting featuring St Kilda's iconic Luna Park and is available exclusively @ The Block Shop.

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