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Kiss me Right Here on my Tattoo

In addition to painting flowers and animals I love to paint tattoos. In hindsight as a school leaver I probably should've become a Tattoo Artist, but instead I'm able to get my kicks out of drawing them onto the female subjects in my paintings.

This is my current work-in-progress called 'The True Believer' (80x80cm) which explores Sailor Jerry Tattoos. I have only just begun to block in the colour of these fabulous tattoo classics and this week hope to start detailing these designs.

To date I have explored a handful of different tattoo genres in my work including Indian Henna Tattoos, Japanese Tattoos and Black and Grey Tattoos. See below

Clockwise: 'Henna Lady' Limited Edition Art Print

'Marigolds and Mendhi' Limited Edition Art Print

'Cherry Bomb' Limited Edition Art Print

'Bomb de Boheme' Original Acrylic Painting

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