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Kiss me Right Here on my Tattoo

In addition to painting flowers and animals I love to paint tattoos. In hindsight as a school leaver I probably should've become a Tattoo Artist, but instead I'm able to get my kicks out of drawing them onto the female subjects in my paintings.

This is my current work-in-progress called 'The True Believer' (80x80cm) which explores Sailor Jerry Tattoos. I have only just begun to block in the colour of these fabulous tattoo classics and this week hope to start detailing these designs.

To date I have explored a handful of different tattoo genres in my work including Indian Henna Tattoos, Japanese Tattoos and Black and Grey Tattoos. See below

Clockwise: 'Henna Lady' Limited Edition Art Print

'Marigolds and Mendhi' Limited Edition Art Print

'Cherry Bomb' Limited Edition Art Print

'Bomb de Boheme' Original Acrylic Painting

Find these artworks and more in my Shop

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