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Art Print Sizes to Suit your Space

Exciting news:  My Art Prints are now available in a range of sizes! 

From small to large and all sizes in-between, there's now a print to fit perfectly onto that blank wall in your home.  Whether you have a small space in the office or a large space in your living room, my Art Prints can now easily be ordered online in a variety of sizes.  Or if you're after a specific size I can also custom print to your individual requirements.

And don't forget that all print and painting orders include



Payment Plans

We all have those pesky bills relentlessly rolling in month after month and I fully understand that for many people buying art is a luxury which often takes a back seat to the more immediate needs in life.   A dear client recently wanted to purchase an artwork but had a number of necessities to take care before they could contemplate buying some of my art.  Between us we worked out a payment plan which suited his budget and needs thereby making it possible to purchase one of my artworks.

And I can do that for you too!

We can work out an individual payment plan to suit your budget and required time frame and set up monthly repayments to make that art investment a possibility for you.  With a tailor made Payment Plan you can now have art in your life sooner rather than later! 

This applies to the purchase of Paintings and/or Prints  

If you'd like to discuss a Payment Plan with me you can contact me here:

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