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New Painting - Amy Winehouse


This Amy Winehouse acrylic portrait painting is my last one for the year and what a wonderful way to finish my time in the studio paying homage to this incredibly talented English singer/songwriter.

Continuing with my pop art theme, in this painting I used vintage blue bird designs to portray the little girl whom I believe Amy Winehouse essentially still was.  Despite presenting to the world a tough rock chick persona complete with tattoos, smoking and seemingly out of control alcoholism, in my opinion she was just a girl lost looking for emotional comfort, love and support.   This portrait captures that contrast which seemed to plague her towards the end of her short life.



My time here in the Philippines for 2019 is swiftly coming to an end and shortly I'll be on my way back to Australia to soak up some wonderful lazy Summer months spending quality time with family and friends.  Although I'm looking forward to taking a break from creating large scale paintings, I can't imagine not doing any art at all so I'm already throwing around some smaller arty project ideas in my head which will hopefully satisfy the hungry Creative Monster!

No doubt I'll keep you informed with what transpires.

Some people have asked me what I see happening in the studio for next year to which I can only reply "I don't have 2020 vision!"

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