New Painting - Strawberries Forever

The sweetest Marilyn Monroe you ever did see

In my opinion every artist should attempt a Marilyn Monroe portrait at some point in their lives and for me that time has finally arrived! 

This pop art painting features our beloved Marilyn painted with an assortment of strawberry flavoured desserts and treats set before a cross-stitched blue and white gingham tablecloth background. 

The result is a mouth-watering feast for the eyes!

Where did the Inspiration Come From?

 'Strawberries Forever' is an homage to the late Hollywood screen actress Marilyn Monroe and the journey of this painting took me back to her time; the 1950's to early 1960's.  When I think of this era I also think of my Grandmother and her love for baking treats and entertaining friends.  Her table was always a perfectly polished visual and resplendent joy to be seated at.  In this painting I decided to fuse these elements together to create a sign of those fabulous mid-century times.



From Art Lovers Australia

If you're thinking about buying one of my original paintings, how's this for an awesome opportunity?  Follow the link to Art Lovers Australia, Subscribe and on 3rd November you could be the winner of $1000 to put toward the purchase of one of my paintings.

Now that's what I'm talking about!



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