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A Pop Art Portrait of Anna Nicole Smith

'Star Dust'

Towards the end of June I began to paint this Anna Nicole Smith portrait. After several weeks of working on it I knew I was close to finishing, but I was too on top of the painting and not seeing it properly anymore; I couldn't see the wood for the trees so to speak. So I rolled it up and put it away for some weeks whilst I eagerly began the next painting which was impatiently awaiting to be released from the think tank. This week I decided it was time to finish it, so with just a few hours of work left to do on it I am really pleased that it's finally finished and I can now share it with you.

As some of you may recall Anna Nicole passed away in 2007 at the age of 39. She was married to US oil tycoon billionaire J. Howard Marshall, she was a Guess Jeans model, a Reality TV Star and a former Playboy Bunny. But mostly we remember her for being fabulous in every sense of the word!

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As more and more customers turn to online shopping to buy art these days the importance of leaving a review of your shopping experience is essential for both the seller and future buyers. A healthy review can put a potential customers mind at ease and encite trust when they're thinking about investing in an artwork based upon an image they're seeing on their screen and from an artist they've never met before. It also encourages the seller to go above and beyond, not only with their product, but also with their packaging, speedy shipment and professionalism. It's a win-win for everybody and should not be easily overlooked.

A happy customer in the United States had this to say about her recent purchase of my painting 'A Posie of Pollies':

"I love, love, love this painting. It is a true original - how you thought it up I have no idea, but it is brilliant. It is already hung in my living room and I'm confident I'll treasure it always. Thank you for sharing your talents!" - Kristi Eversole, Utah.

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