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Tattoo Canvas Painting 80x80cm Laural Retz Pop Art Original featuring a Female Torso wearing Old School Sailor Jerry Tattoos.

'The True Believer' is an homage to Sailor Jerry, the man who popularised tattoos in Western society. His patrons were predominantly Sailors and his designs directly translated to their lives spent mostly at sea away from loved ones for months on end. Common themes for Sailor Jerry tattoos include Luck, Love, Loss and Nautical concepts; all of which can be found in this painting just finished this morning.

Where did the Inspiration Come From?

I can safely say that the idea for this painting has come directly from watching one of my favourite reality programs called Ink Master. This is an American tattooing competition and having watched every season over the years I've developed a deep respect for the different tattoo genres, the artists and the incredible skills they exhibit. I said a few weeks back that if I had my time over again, for sure I'd have become a tattoo artist, but having missed that boat I'm totally content with being able to paint them onto canvas instead. And if I make a mistake I can easily fix such luxury with the human canvas!



The Monarch Art Collective is having their last Group Exhibition for the year. and I don't mind saying "What a stellar line up we have!" This is a hand-selected collective of talented Australian artists specialising in Pop Surreal, Whimsical and Contemporary Paintings, Photography, Ceramics and even Embroidery! Come and see the artwork of Kellie North who was recently featured on The Block, Rachel Favelle who has been rubbing shoulders with the likes of Beautiful Bizaare, RedBubble resident artist Art by Miss E, Award Winning Vanessa Allegra, our newest member from across the ditch Karyn Hitchman plus many more.

If you're in Brisbane this Friday evening do yourselves a favour and head along to the Tiny Tree Cafe for some gobsmackingly good art, food and live acoustic music by our very own multi-talented Kat Hamilton!

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